Sunday, 7 December 2008

Sneaky peek... and some Fancy Pants

A quick sneaky peek at the latest cards I designed for the very lovely Michelle of Poppicrafts. She lets us indulge our imaginations and create whatever we want without restricting us to a theme - so I tried this time to avoid Christmas, though there is a wintry card amongst my 5. You'll be able to see my new cards in full very shortly in Poppicrafts gallery, but you should check it out regardless for the gorgeous work by the amazingly talented Debs, Dawny, Sarah, Tracie Jane and Hannah.

Did you see my previous creations for Poppicrafts?

... I am rather pleased with my ribbon bee in particular - I plan to redo him again with lighter Spring colours, so look out for him buzzing around again!

By the way Michelle is having a final sale before taking a break for Christmas - on some lovely Fancy Pants merchandise. Check out the mini kits, she has compiled which are a fab way of sampling lots of things at once! I'm trying the Rough & Tough kit 1 and Sweet & Pretty 2, so don't be too surprised at what elements some of my future cards include!

Got to go - we're off to see Father Christmas now!


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Misty Cato said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog, otherwise I'd have never found your site with all your beautiful cards. Absolutely stunning work!