Thursday, 21 October 2010

Miss Evie Witchy...

Doesn't she make a cute witch? This cute character is called Miss Evie Witchy - she's one of a set that I've started collecting from Squiggle Stamps. If you like digital stamps, this store is a gold mine - their entire rubber stamp range is available digitally, which is wonderful news for people like me who are totally challenged by doing neat, unsmudged ink stamping...

Like a regular stamp, you simply start with a black outline of the digital character - I coloured mine using two methods: cutting & pasting of digital papers for the clothed, hat & boots using Photoshop, and then once she was printed I used my chalks to colour the rest. I finished Miss Evie off with a little glitter glue on her petticoat & star accessories! After all, what girl doesn't like a little sparkle?
The papers I used throughout the card (plus the Boo tag, clouds & moon) are from Fee Jardine's Spooky Ooky - one of my all time favourite Halloween kits!
Next, I wanted to show off this cute set of printables I put together for SuzyQ Scarps recently - I adore this time of year as there is so much orange about. The set is in her store at Scrap Orchard, as is the Lil' Spooks kit I used to decorate the set:

How about something a little more Autumnal? I wanted to share this adorable Fall Fairy card with you. It was made with a kit called Basic Fall by Ju Kneipp. When I opened the kit, the first thing I saw was a simple flower with drooping petals - I saw it and thought it would make the perfect skirt for a flower fairy! I know, strange, but true. I already had the pretty fairy stamp by Claire Keay (a wonderful illustrator) in my ever-growing digi-stamp collection, and you can see the resulting card below:

My little fall fairy was coloured in exactly the same was as my witch at the top of this post :)

Finally, I know I've mentioned the wonderful as a great source for free fonts (and recipes and other interesting bits 'n bobs!), but the very talented Miss Tiina also generously offers lovely free fonts for people to use too, right here. If you do pop over for a look, you should also take a moment to browse her store at Sugar Hill Co., as I guarantee you will find it v-e-r-y tempting :)

I think its time for a cup of tea! Bye for now...

Friday, 24 September 2010

My fabulous new siggy & links to FREEBIES!!

This is one of two cards I recently made using the designs of Dani Mogstad. I simply wanted to make feel-good cards to make someone smile. I think it worked :)

You can find the full card details here, but the little girl image is one I found at Clipart and Scrap - she is one of a set, and is 'dressed' by layering papers from Dani's kit and using Photoshop to make them fit, plus a little chalk to finish her face and hair once she had been printed and cut out.

On a side note, Dani recently gave birth to a beautiful baby girl and is taking time to enjoy her with the rest of her family. Lovely, happy news :)

Yesterday, I made my first post on SuzyQ Scraps blog. I'd love to know what you thought of it! I was showcasing one kit, Pumpkin Patch, which from the name alone has a distinctive Autumnal/ Fall flavour. I was trying to demonstrate that it can be used for so much more than the obvious theme. I think it worked - but I would be interested in your opinions! The post included this pretty, purple presentation idea:

If you like it, you are very welcome to download the freebie file, for both the pillow box and tag, directly from Suzy's blog, here!

I'm hoping to do this sort of thing again with more kits in the future - I'm signed up for the January hybrid post on Suzy's blog and have a 'lets get organised' theme (appropriate for the New Year!) rattling about in my head, but want to do it with a not-so-obvious choice of kit.

Well, that's my current plan.


....truthfully, I am totally subject to my whims & fancies, and regularly start cards and projects with one idea and finish with something completely different! I'd love to think of it as my 'artistic nature', but its probably a lot more accurate to say I am easily distracted by pretty, shiny new things :) I'm 6 at heart.

On to other news now: In my blog post for the Sweet Shoppe this month, I also had a little giveaway - this time card templates for you to play with! They are definitely meant as starting point templates - aimed at those of you who insist that they can't make cards! Honestly - if you can make layouts, I promise you can make cards too! Have a look at my post here, grab the templates and see for yourself :) These are a couple of examples I made using the templates:

You can find full credits for both cards in my gallery at Sweet Shoppe Designs, and yes the cute owl is sat on a hand stitched 'branch' - I really must learn how to use my sewing machine! ...though I actually prefer the rough 'n ready look of handstitching here.

Now, take a look at this:

I am very proud of this little tree, my family {apple} tree, as I called it in my galleries. It was made for the current issue of The Fix from Digiscrap Addicts to showcase a sweet kit by Pixel Perfect Designs. I used a template by Heather Roselli for the tree itself, and then added the apple frames as you see. It was a little fiddly to make, simply because of the reduced scale - and if I do it again I would print the photo frames onto photo quality paper as I think it would have a better finish.

I'm rather hoping Heather makes a similar Christmas Tree template - but if she doesn't I may try to adapt this one :)

Finally - just look at my FABULOUS new signature!!! I am so in love with it, and just had to show it off here! I 'bought' my
siggy candy (as its known) from Fizzy Pop Designs over at 9th & Bloom - I definitely recommend a peek!

...and actually, thanks to Lizzy of Fizzy Pop fame, I've started looking at
this site for colour ideas recently. Its just a nice site to browse around for pattern & coordination ideas if you've 5 minutes and cup of coffee!

Wishing you sunshine and fewer September showers :)

Sunday, 12 September 2010

A cute zebra and a bucket

Hi! How were your Summer Holidays? Mine were not exactly relaxing, but I have to say its nice to get back into the old school routine again.
Incidentally, I'm hoping that my Mum will brave the internet and start popping by to read this blog (Hi Mum!!!) - firstly 'cos its good practice on browsing the internet (!), and secondly I'm hoping that knowing she will be looking, I will start posting regularly! Honestly, who wants to be told off by their Mum?

She's just beginning to get the hang of using a mouse, and needs ideas of things to go and look at - after all, it is rather a large digital world - so I may start posting interesting things to peek at, like that lovely esty shop I previously found.

I hope you like the first card above - I couldn't resist treating myself to a kit or two from Kasia Designs, who's just relocated her store. Her style was always clean and uncluttered, but she's refined her work even more and I just love it. I used The Bucket List to make my card.

Isn't this little chap a cutie? I've just added this card to my galleries - so its nice to show it off here too! The original digital image is what is referred to as a digital stamp. It started out as a black outline in SuzyQ's signature oopsie doodle style, to which I added colour by layering digital papers and cutting them to size with Photoshop. I like doing this - its time consuming, but oddly very satisfying!

I have had a really wonderful response to these babygrows which I decorated using Ju Kneipp's I {heart} Animals kit - the photo is even going to be featured in the Hybrid Standouts feature in Digishop Talk's October magazine. How wonderful is that!?!?!
In case you were wondering: the crocodile is (naturally) saying snap, snap, snap, whilst the fish is blowing love heart-shaped bubbles - so I added 'love bubbles' below, Finally the monkey is singing 'oh oobie doo' from the song from the Jungle Book movie.

I made them by using iron-on transfer paper from my local supermarket. Its a really special way to personalise clothes for children, or even a tote bag for yourself....:

This was made for the Digiscrap Addicts magazine in July, using a really beautiful kit by Veronica Spriggs.

I have literally just finished photographing this last card, which I made especially for the husband of a friend, who (you've guessed it!) is turning 40 today and is apparently not too happy about it.... although he is enjoying the opportunity to indulge in a bit of a mid-life crisis ;)

It's made using Over the Edge by Lauren Grier & Eva Kipler, and completed by layering the funny little doodle man and a funereal black ribbon! The font is called A Truer Blue , another freely available one from the very generous Kevin& - and is just perfect for this card.
'til next time....

PS Full details for my cards etc can be found by clicking the links below:

Friday, 20 August 2010

Look what I found...

How wonderful is this - breakfast in bed, without the calories!! I've just found this delightful Etsy store and had to share it. Its called:

...and is an adorable store of perfect felt food design patterns. I love the donuts, this bakery set....
...and these cakes are irresistibly pretty:

If I had a little girl, I would be indulging! You can find the Bakery store here!


Monday, 16 August 2010

My poor neglected blog

Wow - doesn't time fly!

How about a couple of photos to show you that I haven't been completely idle?

The first card, above, was made with Lil' Bundle from SuzyQ - I wanted to make a card suitable for either a baby boy or girl, and fortunately this kit gave me full flexibility, which is a nice change as so many are specifically for one sex or the other. I have to say that little bear makes me sigh.

I also want to show you a couple of cards I've made with Ju Kneipp's designs recently too. Both are made with her Under the Sun kit:

I love the colour she packs into her designs, and I loved being able to use the lyrics to 'You are my Sunshine' in a card :)

Have you ever visited Andrea's blog? If you haven't, you are definitely missing out, its brimming over with inspiration! Well, this incredibly talented and very sweet lady & her mother have a new store of their very own - but theirs sells real ribbons and trimmings, rather than those of the digital variety! Since my beloved Poppicrafts disappeared, I've been looking for a new supplier, and I think I've found it with Andrea & her mum. Their store is called The Ribbon Girl and its more than worth a peek!

I've one last little something to share with you today:

...a cute little something to fill with jellybeans for my boy - when he decides to play nice this summer holiday! Made with another of SuzyQ's kits: Under Construction.

If you would like to see the full credits for any of the things I've shown in this blog post, please just click on the photos.

I'll be back again soon with more - really, really!


Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Just a suggestion...and a card

I mentioned in my last post, that I have just started working for the very talented Ju Kneipp. She lives in Brazil, and is a designer at Cat Scrap and DigiScrapper Brazil.

Every Wednesday is Dollar Day at DigiScrapper Brazil - and I have to say WOW at the number of fab kits they regularly include. If you want to sample Ju (or any of the other designers!) work, this is the perfect day to snag a bargain. Today, for example she's got 4 kits up for $1 (which is under 80p!!), including one of my faves:
...seriously, who can resist these cute frogs? Needless to say, I've been spending.... :) I would have a couple of cards made with her designs to show you today too, but my DH has put our camera somewhere 'safe'. Humph.

Its the school half-term holidays over here in the UK, and I've just had a lovely day with Alex: going to the cinema to see Tooth Fairy, and then for noodles afterwards. He's growing so fast, that its lovely to have him all to myself. I doubt I'll be so sentimental towards the end of the Summer holidays (!), but half-term holidays are just wonderful. It does mean alot less crafting time, but I do have one card to share today that fortunately I had already photographed!:

Its a digital card, which I made using Eva Kipler's Barefoot in the Park, carefully merged with a sweet digital stamp from the Pure Innocence range by Heather Ellis. I used a paper from the kit to 'make' the little girls dress, and then added additional colour to her and the butterfly with just a light dust of chalks. The photo above is linked for more details should you want them :)

Enjoy the rest of your week!


Sunday, 30 May 2010

New designers and a freebie link!

Can you believe May is almost over? Its been such a hectic month: I've been at school working a lot of additional days and we've had family visiting too. We get to see so little of our family, that this was an extra special event for us ....but now it is all back to normal.

May was also very special as I joined two more very talented designers creative teams! This is the first:

SuzyQ's home shop is here at Scrap Orchard. I wanted to be part of her team as I couldn't resist her doodly collection (especially the adorable frogs she's created!). Here's a new card from me made using a combination of her designs, including her new dino doodles:

The invite to join the second team came out of the blue - and once I saw the wonderfully eclectic designs of Ju, I couldn't say no as I just itched to make something with her designs:

Ju's fairly new to being an individual designer, but you simply must check out her work - its so unique and vibrant. She sells her kits etc at both Digiscrappers Brazil and CatScrap, which I believe is based in Norway - isn't it wonderful how global our community is?!?!

Here's an all digi-card I made with Ju's Strawberry Swing kit:

I do have lots of other bits 'n bob's to share with you that I made in May, but I'll do that in a day or so as I really, really should be getting ready to go for a day-out to the Natural History Museum. We've promised Alex that we'd go and see the dinosaurs today :)

I've linked the pictures you can see in this post so that you can see all the details as to what I used to make the cards. In the galleries, you'll see more of my work - but do take time to go for a wander about as there is some amazingly talented people out there wanting to share their work with you!

One last thing, I posted a freebie card front on the fabulous Heather Roselli's blog a week or so ago - its the cheeky monkey card you saw at the top of this post! I saved it with wording for both Father's Day and Happy Birthday, sized 6x4in and 7x5in. All you have to do is download, choose the front you want and print. Then cut out and stick to a card blank! You can find the freebie waiting for you right here!

Enjoy your holiday weekend - and if your school is on half-term holiday too, then I sincerely wish you sunny, dry weather and not-too-crowded parks, museums, pools, cinema......!

Sara x

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Spring flowers and Chinese take-away

We are having beautifully sunny weekend here in the UK - I have washing drying in the warm, gentle breeze, my son is happily surveying his kingdom from the top of his climbing frame and even my husband is in a good mood! All is well, in my little corner of the world :)

I wanted to share the card above with you today 'cos it such a nice Spring day, and it was made with a sweet kit called 'Touch of Spring' from the lovely ladies of Polka Dot Plum designs! I made it for the April edition of The Fix, from DigiScrap Addicts - which includes this kit and an additional three others too. Bargain, and well worth checking out, ladies and gentlemen!

The card was made using my Sizzix Big Shot and template to cut the vase out, though I really do think you could achieve a similar look using sticky foam pads.
All the flowers were from the kit; I just printed and snipped them out then dusted the edges with pink chalk. The tag is actually a journalling element from the kit, but it works prefectly as a tag too, don't you think?

Chalk is definitely my favourite colouring medium - I love the delicate hint of colour it gives, plus I never seem to be able to get an even, neat flow of colour when I use pens, though I am very willing to concede it is simply because I don't practice enough with them!

On to other things...

I subscribe to the weekly newsletter from Scrap Orchard, and was very sorry to read that both Megan Turnidge and Yari of Jady Day Studios were retiring from designing. Their creations are just lovely, and I'm sorry to see them both go. On the good side for we consumers, they are both having fantastic retirement sales, and I highly recommend indulging! Oh, don't miss out on picking up a Megan's hybrid templates - they're a real bargain. I made these with her takeaway box template:

...all decorated with Kate Hadfield's gorgeous Chinese Zodiac doodles (but if you like what you see in the photo, you can grab them all ready-to-print from here!).

Wishing you all sunshine and fluffy white clouds...


Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Hills made from clouds, and fonts

Sometimes when I see a kit, its simply love at first sight and I have to have it. This happened when I saw Zoe Pearn's Away We Go (from Sweet Shoppe Designs) - I just fell for its fun retro feel. I teamed it up with some birthday 'And I Quote' wordart by MandaBean, and voila!

I had to modify the wordart a little in order to make it 'fit', and I also printed the large car separately onto card so that I could layer it with sticky foam pads. ....oh, and the hills were made by layering the greeny paper from the kit over an expanded cloud element. Did you guess?

Do you have a weakness for fonts? Well, have you discovered the amazingly generous Kevin &'s Free Fonts?

If you like your fonts to look more handwritten, or are looking for something just a little different, then you must, MUST check them out! Their font creations are all free to download, but do check their terms of use if you plan to use them for anything but a personal layout or card. I can't tell you how much I love the fonts from these lovely people!

This card of mine used '
Smiley Monster' from Kevin & - plus Zoo Day by Kristin Aagard, of course!
Bye for now,

Saturday, 27 March 2010

It's alive!

...well, I am anyway :)

Its been sooooo long since I last posted here, but I'm hoping to get back into the swing of things - especially as I have lots of things to show off and news to share.

Firstly, about the mini album above. It originally started life as this:

I have to say I'm quite proud of the transformation, especially as its the first time I've ever tackled anything like this! Take a peek at a couple of the inside pages:
I made it in response to a Sweet Shoppe challenge to use recycled items to make something new - and having recently become addicted to skinny vanilla lattes from guess where, I had no problem sourcing the basics for this album.
Here's a quick-ish 'how-I-made-that' guide:

To begin, I cut the card sleeve in two, then I measured and then prepared my colour cards in Photoshop, sizing them to fit. The colour cards were sooo simple to do as I cheated and used Heather Roselli's new Spectrum Flash Cards (with a little digi modification to fit as shown). I mounted each flash card onto coordinating sugar-coated cardstock from Doodlebug Designs (love this stuff!), and then stuck this onto a Starbucks album page using double sided tape.

Once all the pages were ready, I punched a hole through the corner using my Big Bite, and then added a key ring (from Woodware) to hold everything together.

Finally I added stapled a colour coordinating ribbon loop (from Poppicrafts) to each album page, plus a button or similar for extra fun embellishment, and ta-da!
This project was totally inspired by this post by Fiskars - thank you!

Since my last post I promise I really have been busy cutting, sticking and folding.... Just to prove it (!), here are a just a couple more pictures of recent projects:

Baby Block Gift Boxes

I'll be back with more card ideas to show you soon!

So, I mentioned I had some news to share. I am sorry to say that I have decided to step down from the Poppicrafts creative team, for no other reason that the shop has changed its stock direction quite dramatically (and I'm delighted to say successfully!!), and I don't feel that I am the right person for the job any more. I hated telling Michelle this, but it was the honest thing to do. Michelle's was the first team I was ever invited to join, and I can never thank her enough for the confidence boost she gave me. Poppicrafts will always remain my main source for ribbons though - promise :)

Oh, I do need a pick-me-up after typing that, so here's a final big splash of colour courtesy of the designs of Heather Roselli:

Rainbow cards

Bye for now!