Thursday, 31 March 2011

Starting the year over...

Hi! Its been months & months since I last posted - all for sad, heart-breaking family reasons I'm afraid. I'm not going to go into details - this is not that kind of blog, but I'm doing this quick post simply to say that I'm starting 2011 over from today, the very first day of April... I know its All Fool's Day, but I figured that its as good a day as any to take a deep breath and begin blogging again!!! :)

I've been crafting throughout the time I've been absent here, and there's lots to share, which I think I'll do in a little side bar slide show, but let me quickly show you something NEW, and that I'm beginning to post around the digi-community today:

The card above & this cute alternative party treat presentation idea were made with a kit by Ju Kneipp & Dunia Designs, called A Boy's Diary - and the easy-peasy hybrid template is by WendyBird Designs. She's a CU hybrid template designer I've just found, and I've already bought several of her designs to play with!

The digital stamp is from DigiStamp Boutique, and is coloured with my preferred medium of chalks. A few layered flags & ta-da!

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