Sunday, 17 April 2011

Crafty Project: Dry Erase Board


Celeste is a lovely lady I know at the Sweet Shoppe.  She is full of amazing ideas & inspirational sources that she readily shares.  Recently she showed off an idea for a DIY dry-erase board - the type you write on with a special pen then rub off when you're done with the message, again & again.  Very environmentally friendly :)

... and I can honestly say I don't think I've tried a simpler, cheaper or easy to personalise project!  Here's what I did:

I went all digi for my first attempt: a small memo board for Alex to use.
First I bought a very, very cheap clip photoframe - seriously it cost me less than £1 from ASDA.  Next I created a file in Photoshop the same size as the frame aperture, then the best bit: I had fun with the papers, banners & elephants from Alphabet Soup for Boys & School Days, both by Zoe Pearn.

After printing, I put the finished page into my frame, and let Alex loose with a dry-erase pen.  This is a perfect way to encourage him to keep track of all the things he has to do or take to school! ...and when he gets fed-up with this image I can simply create a new one from my ever-growing digi-stash!

Loving Alex's board, I had to make one for myself to pop next to my craft space, using a slightly more expensive frame - this one cost just shy of £3!  Again, I started by opening a file in Photoshop sized to match the frame's aperture, but this time I wanted a more grown up look, and chose to play with the gorgeous Everyday Moments from Lauren Grier & Jenn Barrette.

After printing, I added a little ribbon, glitter glue, a Doodlebug Designs flower plus button - and then popped it into my ever-so-expensive frame, & ta-da!

Andrea, of The Ribbon Girl on-line store, and HybridBabe extraordinaire, has just added this article to her blog, showing you how to make the most gorgeous dry-erase board I've seen. Her blog is always worth a peek for card inspiration, but this post is a definite must-see!


Friday, 15 April 2011

I made a LO!

...I know its only a very simple one, but hey its still a LO - there's a photograph and everything! I made it using Ju Kneipp's new collaboration kit Everyday Love with Valerie Wibbens, over at The LilyPad where Ju is guesting for the month. I have to admit a bit of an addiction to Val's designs so I was delighted that Ju got to collab with her!

Just one more thing to mention before finishing this post. Many of you are aware that Lauren Grier has been very ill recently. La is an amazingly talented lady, who creates some of the most original, fun & funky doodle-icious kits, alphas & element packs out there. A huge group of her friends within the digital scrapbook community have got together to create a not-to-be-missed kit which will be sold to help La & her beautiful boy, Ce.

The contributors, led by Shawna Clingerman include everyone at the Sweet Shoppe plus too many others to mention (except I will mention Kate Hadfield 'cos I love her). Its going to be sold at the Sweet Shoppe for sure, but I have a feeling it will be available elsewhere too including DigiScrap Addicts. The kit is called 'With A Little Help from My Friends'.

I promise you, its too beautiful a kit to miss, and you'll be helping out a lovely lady & her son too.

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Hybridy blog post to share

Hi there! Quick post to say I've a blog post up here, on the Sweet Shoppe Design's blog that I think you'll enjoy - especially the bookmark idea! No more hints, just go & read all about it :)

Sara x

PS If your mojo is in need of a kick start you should have a peek at the Sweet Shoppe's monthly portfolio challenges, which a packed with a variety of prompts, & ideas for you to spark off. Well worth making a coffee & taking 5 minutes to relax & wander through!

Friday, 8 April 2011

Hot off the Press

Look what I made! I have never made an 'explosion' box before - the number of photos have always intimidated me 'cos I am lousy at taking them - but Heather has a huge release scheduled for tomorrow morning, and needed her team to make up examples. I got to make the hexagonal & pentagonal boxes as you can see, and I loved it. Heather's templates are (as always) a breeze to use, and these boxes only required the minimal equipment to assemble: a printer, a knife & ruler for straight edges, my Scoreboard for neat creasing & some adhesive. As Heather wanted printables that were already good to look at, I didn't add any 'real' embellishments - but the possibilities are endless! My mum will love them as a gift for sure. ...well worth looking at when they hit the Sweet Shoppe store! Sara x