Thursday, 21 October 2010

Miss Evie Witchy...

Doesn't she make a cute witch? This cute character is called Miss Evie Witchy - she's one of a set that I've started collecting from Squiggle Stamps. If you like digital stamps, this store is a gold mine - their entire rubber stamp range is available digitally, which is wonderful news for people like me who are totally challenged by doing neat, unsmudged ink stamping...

Like a regular stamp, you simply start with a black outline of the digital character - I coloured mine using two methods: cutting & pasting of digital papers for the clothed, hat & boots using Photoshop, and then once she was printed I used my chalks to colour the rest. I finished Miss Evie off with a little glitter glue on her petticoat & star accessories! After all, what girl doesn't like a little sparkle?
The papers I used throughout the card (plus the Boo tag, clouds & moon) are from Fee Jardine's Spooky Ooky - one of my all time favourite Halloween kits!
Next, I wanted to show off this cute set of printables I put together for SuzyQ Scarps recently - I adore this time of year as there is so much orange about. The set is in her store at Scrap Orchard, as is the Lil' Spooks kit I used to decorate the set:

How about something a little more Autumnal? I wanted to share this adorable Fall Fairy card with you. It was made with a kit called Basic Fall by Ju Kneipp. When I opened the kit, the first thing I saw was a simple flower with drooping petals - I saw it and thought it would make the perfect skirt for a flower fairy! I know, strange, but true. I already had the pretty fairy stamp by Claire Keay (a wonderful illustrator) in my ever-growing digi-stamp collection, and you can see the resulting card below:

My little fall fairy was coloured in exactly the same was as my witch at the top of this post :)

Finally, I know I've mentioned the wonderful as a great source for free fonts (and recipes and other interesting bits 'n bobs!), but the very talented Miss Tiina also generously offers lovely free fonts for people to use too, right here. If you do pop over for a look, you should also take a moment to browse her store at Sugar Hill Co., as I guarantee you will find it v-e-r-y tempting :)

I think its time for a cup of tea! Bye for now...