Sunday, 15 February 2009

{Mega} sour cream containers!

I had no idea that these cute twisty gift parcels were sour cream containers in the US. I have to thank Liz at the-ever-so-fab PP for educating me!

Alex and I made them as part of Liz's blog challenge for February. Her originals were nice, delicate little parcels, but our are daddy-sized - literally, as my son & I made them as Valentine's gifts for my husband! ...if I'd only put one delicate chocolate in he would have been most upset so we made one large enough to hold an entire packet of minty Aero chocolate balls and the other a packet of Jelly Babies. He was a very happy man.

Only one complaint though, Liz - my son said that the papers I showed him were too girly for his Daddy (honestly! He finally chose a cute space design for his parcel). So please could you come up with some papers with added grrr for the boys in time for Father's Day : )


Valentine parcel: Image and paper - Pink Petticoat
Space parcel: Moon and paper - Nitwits

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