Monday, 20 October 2008

Home-made wedding paper

Have you ever had a go at making your own paper? I wanted some wedding paper to make a card that was a little more male than female, and when I couldn't find any that appealed, I made my own! It is very simple:
  • Create a new document in Word and using a font of your choice type random words & phrases relating to the subject of your card - for my card I used 'champagne', 'bride', 'something new' etc in Courier font.
  • You must 'print preview' your document to check for regular space patterns in your paper as these draw the eye away from your main card focus.
  • Try changing font and background colours too.

To finish the above wedding card I make a simple cake from contrasting card and stitched some seed beads on - and even though I wanted a more male than female card, I couldn't resist some blooms and alittle ribbon.

Hope you like it!


Flowers and ribbon: Poppicrafts

Mini flowers & sugar-coated card: Doodlebug

Doodle trim: Pink Petticoat

Cake paper:

Pearls: Lakeland Ltd

Seed beads: local craft shop


lola rose said...

Let me know if you're ever looking for a job Sara ;)


Cynde said...

That is a lovely card! I really like that you made your own paper. Now I'm thinking how I can use that. Thanks for the inspiration.