Thursday, 10 November 2011

Happy 9th Birthday Alex!

Today is my gorgeous son's 9th Birthday - I don't make him cards, I make him mini-posters, and this years is at the top of this post, pre-printing.  As you may deduce, he's been reading Harry Potter recently :)

Its been a lovely couple of days, as Alex has been sooooo excited about his birthday - we went out for dinner yesterday and it was wonderfully stress free (which is a major achievement for us!).  Today, my DH & I took the day off to spend time together: shopping, wrapping presents & searching high & low for a cake decoration I'd especially ordered for Alex & then put in a 'safe place'.  Ho-hum.

I can show off one more thing today which I made for Alex - for his bedroom door actually (though someone suggested it would be perfect for the bathroom too!).

Its a A5 sized fun poster made using another of Kate Hadfield's new digital stamps.  This time its been coloured using the bucket tool in Photoshop.  The original monster didn't have hairy feet, but I wanted them, so with the magic of cut 'n paste he now has them!  This is why I love digital stamps - lots of control & customisation possibilities.
PS My birthday poster was made with A Wizarding World by Jady Day Studio, the font is HarryP, and there is also just a little added sparkle from Platform 93/4 by Valorie Wibbens & Emily Merrit too!

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Kim said...

Wonderful Sara, just love both of them!